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Naama Millennium Preparatory School

Our philosopy

Our philosopy
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Our philosophy

Naama Millennium Preparatory School was founded on the belief that all children, regardless of the circumstances they are born in, are talented, smart and have the potential to do great things if given the opportunity to develop to maturity.

The founders also recognized that the responsibility of providing such opportunities went beyond the capabilities of parents, guardians, relatives and called for involvement of entire communities. And in communities infested with poverty, disease and general lack of educated models the need to turn to the world is well justified.

Naama Millennium Preparatory School strives to provide these opportunities to its pupils. This far and going by the number of  children passing the national examinations every year, reports on performance of those admitted to  secondary  level education and information that  some of the  alumni  have  been admitted to higher institutions of learning  in country, we  are encouraged  to believe that we are succeeding and should sustain the course.

Naama Millennium School   Mityana    Uganda