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Naama Millennium Preparatory School

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There is no formal admission process. 

Any Important Application Dates?


No specific date is observed. Children can be taken in at any time of the year even though we prefer having them at the beginning of the year which is about last week of January of each calendar year.

For now, all you need is to contact the school administration and your child will be evaluated and assigned the appropriate class. It will not always be like this as efforts are being done to streamline the admission process.


The school was meant for the local pupils but distant pupils are now accepted and housed in the dormitory. Due the logistical needs, the process may differ for local people and those form far way places. We however recognize the value of having pupils from distant communities. It  is one way of  providing a chance for local pupils to interact with those from other communities.

Naama Millennium School     Mityana    Uganda