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Naama Millennium Preparatory School


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a) Negative challenges:  

  • Sources of income for the school have dwindled with serious effects to the school.  
  • Pupils' physical examinations are no longer done.
  • Teacher wages, on a few occasions, have not been paid on time as designed. 

b) Positive Challenges: 

  • Pupil enrollment  is increasing  especially among orphans,
  • There is need for more staff; school supplies e.g. books, food and other necessities. 
  • There is need for vocational programs for pupils who do not proceed to secondary level education.
  • There is need for a secondary section to better nurture the pupils unlikely to go further with school and yet still of low age.

Available opportunities:

  • Construction services are  on increase  and will need the manpower of these pupils  if trained adequately
  • The value of education is generally better appreciated in the community than ever before, so parents are likely to support  programs that encourage  pupils to stay  longer in schools now.
  • Land on which many families are dependent  is not only  over fragmented but also exhausted and least productive paving way  for skill based occupations..
  • Traditional crops, for which expertise is available, failed because of diseases so alternatives introduced now are  bound to take  root.
  • As these pupils interact with   educated persons/individuals,  they get stimulated to  aspire for  better life and responsibilities. The educated  who are available serve as role models to these pupils and more are encouraged to  interact with the children.

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