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Naama Millennium Preparatory School


Our philosopy
School Circumstances
Where is Naama Millennium School?
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Millennium School was founded on the belief that all children are talented and clever, and every one has the potential to do great things if given the opportunity.


Naama Millennium School provides such opportunities to its students.


The Challenge: Dr. Kigongo’s clinic closed in 2005 with serious effects to the school.

Physical examinations on the students have not been done since closure of clinic.

The loss of the clinic’s income has delayed teacher pay which has potential to undermine the school’s performance.  And this is occurring as increasing enrollment, especially among orphans, calls for more staff, books, food and other necessities.  Finally, the school needs to add more vocationally oriented programs to provide older students with marketable job skills.


An Appeal: To keep the school operating as originally designed, it needs your financial support.  A donation of $25 will pay the fees for a nursery student for a term, $35, those for an older student.  A donation of $60 a month will pay the full salary of one of its wonderful teachers.  For $1100 an individual or organization can sponsor the whole school for a month.

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